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Welcome to the interactive journal site for the Dundracon 2013 game Clockwork Confidence: the Diamond Job, run by Samantha Smith.

What can you expect to find here? Well, a variety of things.

Valuable Information:
If you read one thing, read this. It has the down and dirty of everything you need to know to play the game. It covers mechanics, factions, and basic character tropes.

This link takes you to overviews of character concepts,and factions. Though far from necessary, we always appreciate you coming in with an idea of what you want to play, even if it's just a faction. We will do our best to take it into serious consideration.

Character Bios
This link takes you to brief biographies of each character. As above, if you have someone you really want to play, please let us know at the beginning of the game.

The nuts and bolts of the game.

We are scheduled!
Clockwork Con will be run
Sunday, 6pm
Salon A

Feedback is always appreciated! If you have an idea for the game, please e-mail me at merriweatherco@gmail.com

The World We Inhabit

The World We Inhabit
It is ten years after the Daedelus Wars, a vast, sweeping conflict in which England and her allies took on almost insurmountable odds and enemies. There were many casualties, but Queen and Country prevailed in the end, sending the Enemy running.  In the meantime, America remained largely unaffected by the War, choosing to remain neutral. The western territories are being explored, leaving vast swaths of land virtually without law and order
There is a strict class structure in England, though at tonight's event it will be in somewhat of abeyance, as all people invited have at least comparable ability to interact with one another without more than the backhanded insults appropriate to the dignified gentle-person
Tonight is the opening of the Ludlow Gem Exhibit at the Royal Museum. Curated by W. Ludlow, supplied by Lord/Lady Ludlow, it promises to be a gala affair, with the most influential gem collectors, sellers, and aficionados present
The rumors that the Mockingbird, a master thief and his crew have infiltrated the evening is circulating, though no one knows who this Mockingbird is, or indeed if s/he exists at all. Or, more distressingly, if s/he might be someone with status. Either way, security is on high alert.
Everyone at the event is here to meet with various groups they are part of, as this gathering has proven a useful time to meet. Some people know one another, some are meeting for the first time, but all will have to work together to achieve their goals. Or to keep them from being achieved.
The world of this game is a Victorian England that might have been, peopled with wild cowboys, airship crews, Lords, and thieves. It follows an alternate-history time line, in keeping with Steampunk aesthetics, in which a massive war took place during the late 19th Century, clockwork and galvanics dominate, and the world of the aether is very real indeed
Victorian tropes and mores apply, but so they are very flexible. Operate at your level of comfort
Regarding Cover Identities:
If you are given a cover identity--A great deal of effort has been put into your cover identities. You have been establishing them for some months now, and some of you have even done actual work to convince those around you that you are who you say you are. This does NOT mean they are perfect, however, and you will have to be careful to make sure to keep  your story internally consistent. If for some reason you feel you do not have enough information about your cover ID, speak to a GM at the start of the game
Here are the tropes that will exist in the game. Keep in mind, con men will be working under aliases.

Everyone will be a part of three factions, total (out of 9) and will have a goal for each faction. The list below is the overall character concept. Each character will get a brief writeup, though we won't be listing the factions they're part of to preserve the anonymity of everyone with a secret goal. And believe us, there are many, many secret goals.

Roles with Cover Identities
Six of the characters listed in the concepts below are not what they seem. Those six will be the cover identities of the following characters
Fingers Man
Undercover Cop

Character Concepts
--Gem Expert and Artifact Hunter
--American Retired Burlesque Dancer
--Historic Artifact Restorer and Weapons Expert
--Engineer of All Work (Former crew of the HMAS Harpy)
--Assistant to the Gem Expert
--Retired Military Officer (Former crew of the HMAS Harpy)
--American Private Eye
--Assistant to the Private Eye (Former crew of the HMAS Harpy)
--Agent to Lord/Lady Ludlow
--Ludlow's Valet (Former crew of the HMAS Harpy)
--Lord/Lady Ludlow (Former crew of the HMAS Harpy)
--American Rail Barron
--Social Climber
--American Circuit Judge
--Museum Currator

[Valuable Information] Mechanics

This game operates on a card-based mechanic, with cards drawn and added to one of three stats (physical, social, mental). Full mechanics are described below.

Conflict Resolution
Individual Tests
--Each player has a deck of cards, 1-10. When a test is proposed, each player chooses a card, then adds their attribute score in the appropriate category to the number. Ties are re-played.
--After the test is completed, if the person who proposed the test plays a higher card than the other player, trade cards. (This applies to any test where the initiating player consciously selects a card, not to random pulls)
Ex. I start a mental test with you. I play a 7 with an average mental score of 4, you play a 5 with a low mental score of 2. I have 11, you have 7. I win the test, but since I started it, I give you my 7 and you give me your 5
Ex. You start an intelligence test with me. You play a 2, with a high intelligence of 6. I play a 8 with a low intelligence of 2. You have an 8, I have a 10. You win, but, since you started the test, we do not change cards.

Physical Confrontations and damage
--Each single physical altercation is done with one card draw. Draw as normal, however in this case, if the attacker wins, take the victim's final score, and subtract it from the attacker's final score. The total is the number of hit points subtracted from the victim's physical attribute. At a score of -6 the victim is dead. Wounds heal at 1 pt every 10 minutes
--Ex. I throw a punch at you. I play a 5, with a high physical score of 6. You play a 5, with a low physical score of 2. I win, so 11-7 = 3. You suffer 3 points off your physical attribute. You are now at -1, hurt but alive. 10 minutes later, you are at a score of 0

Group tests
--When groups are coming into conflict, a spokesperson for each group is selected. That spokesperson selects a card, and adds his/her stat. Each other person in the conflict then chooses a card to add to the pool. All the cards, plus the spokesperson's stat are added. The group with the highest total wins, and the effect is applied to everyone in the group. Afterward, all cards from both groups are gathered, and delt back at random.

Tests Against the GM
--Some situations require tests against the GM (picking a lock, spotting a forgery, etc.) In these cases, the GM chooses a difficulty, then draws a card at random. This is the GM's total. The player draws a card as normal. As normal, higher total wins. If player plays a higher card, cards are exchanged, as players are considered to have started the test.
--Ex. I want to deactivate the security system. The GM decides this is very difficult, so she chooses a difficulty of 6. At random, she draws a 5. The GM's total is then 11. I have a physical stat of 4, and choose an 8. I have a total of 12. I win the test, and successfully deactivate the security system. The GM and I then change cards.

Using Special Abilities
--Special abilities can be used one or more times during a game, depending on the power, and give benefits to the player. Most powers add points to a test. Read the description of the power for its use.


We are lucky enough to have had a prize donated to the game.

Provided by Mad Scientists Designs on Etsy, we will be offering a prize for the best player of the evening, as determined by the other players.


[Characters] William/Willa Ludlow

W. Ludlow is Lord/Lady Ludlow's neice/nephew. S/he is the museum curator of this exhibit, and one other (galvanic weaponry). S/he is incredibly proud of his/her family's name, and proud as well to be able to curate this exhibit.

S/he is the host of the night, the one to look to if things go bad. S/he is known for cajoling rather than coercing, and can get more done with a whisper than a shout.

[Characters] Kit Ross- Circuit Judge

An old fashioned Hangin' Judge, Kit Ross is from the wildest of the Wild West. S/he is here as Lord/Lady Ludlow's guest, having traveled around Cape horn via ship, as s/he has something of a phobia of airships in specific and heights in general. 

S/he is not here to purchase anything, rather s/he is here to enjoy the evening.

S/he is a brash person, quick to say what's on his/her mind, but slow to anger at similar behavior. S/he has a reputation for strict, fronteir-style justice, but feels a little out of place in the English legal system.
Harris has a fascination with the peerage of England, and mourns the fact that his/her home, America, has no similar structure.

S/he has a reputation as a light hearted individual, driven by a deep desire to enjoy parties and the finer things in life. There's much more to Harris than that, but s/he's not revealing anything. S/he is continually underestimated, and seems to cultivate that fact.

S/he is a devoted thaumaturgist, believing it's possible to find the truth of history through asking the dead.